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Water is a Necessity NOT a Luxury !!

Gastonia—Scurry Special Utility District

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Our Goal: We strive to provide superior water service and exceptional customer service to all our customers.


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If you have a leak at your property we offer leak adjustments once per 12 month period.  Call the office to get full details on how to qualify.

Contact the office regarding Leaks on your side or ours.


In the Kitchen:

· Never run a dishwasher without a full load.  This practice will save water, energy, detergent, and money

· Use a small pan of cold water when cleaning vegetables, rather than letting the water run over them

· Keep container of drinking water in the refrigerator.  Running water from the tap until it is cool is wasteful.. Better  yet, both water and energy can be saved by keeping cold water in a picnic jug on a kitchen counter to avoid opening the refrigerator door frequently

In the Bathroom:

· When brushing teeth, turn the water off until it is time to rinse.

· When shaving, fill the lavatory basin with hot water instead of letting the  water run continuously

· When building a new home or remodeling a bathroom, install a new low-volume flush toilet that uses only 1.6 gallons per flush.

Outdoor Use:

· Do not scalp lawns when mowing during hot weather.  Taller grass holds moisture better.

· Don’t sweep walks and driveways with the hose.  Use a broom or rake instead

· When washing the car, use a bucket of soapy water and turn on the hose only for rinsing.


Water Conservation Tips

You think it can’t happen but it can! 

This movie/clip shows the possibilities of water consumption when your gone from your home, don’t believe me Click this link, and then never underestimate the possibilities!


Secret Water user








Windows Media player required to view clip


1. Bring your bill when paying in person at the office this will reduce your wait time !


2. Have your account # when calling the office for account information this will also reduce your wait time !


3. Help us by providing any updated information regarding your account !



1. We ask that our customers contact the office if you see a security risk at any of GSSUD sites.  If you witness any vandalism, threats to any of our sites or anywhere on the system please contact the office immediately !

2. Although sometimes as humans and for budgetary reasons we cannot pay our bills by the due date. Please be aware paying your bill on the last day to pay by mail will not assure we get the payment on time.  In addition paying your bill online through your bank is NOT AND ELECTRONIC PAYMENT.  Your bank merely cuts a check and mails it to us although the deduction shows to be immediate from your account.  We sometimes will not receive this type of payment until 5 to 10 day’s later.

3. If you want to make an immediate online payment go to OUR bill pay website and assure that your payment is posted  within 24 hours.  Click the tab on the top left tool bar and follow the steps to go to the bill pay website.   OR sign up for ACH auto draft in our office for FREE !



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NEW Fee’s & payout agreement

Click the link for District Forms & Updates to see the updated fee’s & new payout plan


Water is a Necessity

Not a Luxury ! !

Text Box: Do Your Part
Conserve Water !!
Text Box: Do Your Part
Conserve Water !!

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Gastonia-ScurrySpecial Utility District